Brownsville Mini-Warehouses

Self-Storage Insurance

Many people assume that self-storage providers will automatically provide insurance for the goods they store - after all, they must be paying it for themselves anyway. This is not generally the case. Few self-storage companies will offer full and comprehensive item insurance within the standard rental charges that you pay. If they do, you'll probably find that you're paying extra rental charges to cover the cost. Some may offer basic coverage as part of the package based on the size of unit you hire but this will probably not be enough for your needs, bearing in mind that the goods you store may be valuable or of unspecific sentimental value. All will recommend that you check out your insurance options carefully before placing your goods into self-storage.

Your first step should be to contact your home insurer to see if the items you place in the facility will be covered by your domestic home contents policy. It may be that you are fully covered for goods stored away from home or you may be able to pay an additional small premium to get such coverage. This could well be cheaper than taking out a separate insurance policy. If you do provide your own insurance coverage, be aware that the self-storage provider you choose may ask to see proof of your policy before they will let you rent space.

The majority of self-storage providers will offer help with insurance. Some have policies of their own in place that you can buy or may even insist that you take out their policy before you can rent a unit. In this case, you will normally have to give the provider an inventory of contents with values before they will insure you and you'll usually be offered a range of policies tailored to your actual needs. Others may recommend industry standard or suitable insurance policies designed for self-storage - these are often offered at competitive rates in comparison to the ones you could source for yourself.

    We here at Brownsville Mini-Warehouses have had the honor of working with MiniCo Insurance Services Group and their TenantOne Direct Customer Storage Insurance. We have in house brochures that can easily be filled out and mailed in or there is a toll free number that you can call and talk to someone. The insurance is designed for the self-service storage industry and has extremely competitive rates. Below you can find a button that will take you directly to their webpage to explore the different options that are available. There is even the option to fill out the application online to make the process even easier.

    If you decide to purchase insurance, you will need to have an approximate value of the items in your unit. This is so that you will not be underinsured or overinsured so that you get the most for your money.

    If insurance is purchased, Brownsville Mini-Warehouses does not receive payment or finder's fee. This is a service that we inform our tenants about.